Double Eyelid Surgery Techniques

One of the most popular plastic surgery procedures on the planet is double eyelid surgery. This happens to be the case mainly because of the Asian population’s culture valuing the double crease or supratarsal fold. Around half the Asian population is born without this supratarsal fold and they routinely undergo plastic surgery to remedy this with one of two techniques; the incision technique or the suture technique.

First,Double Eyelid Surgery Techniques Articles there is the incision technique which allows the surgeon better control of the placement of the supratarsal fold they are creating. In addition, the surgeon can also take care of other problems with it already being made such as removal of excess fat, muscle or skin.

Another benefit of this method is the fact that this procedure provides a more consistent long term outcome. The downside to the incision technique is the greater possibility of a scar as well as a much longer healing time than the non-incision one. It should also be remembered that the incision process is irreversible.

The suture procedure happens to be a reversible and obviously less invasive form of eyelid surgery. Using sutures to create the desired crease allows the patient to experience a sharp decrease in recovery time and allows a much smaller possibility of scarring. The negatives of the suture technique include an inability to deal with other problems in the eye such as excess fat and muscle as well as redundant skin.

In addition, the actual crease formed by the suture can go away over time making it necessary to undergo a suture blepharoplasty multiple times. One other problem often encountered is the development of asymmetry in each eye’s crease over time which can only be remedied by another double eyelid surgery using the suture procedure.

As mentioned above, undergoing a blepharoplasty with the same process will have more permanent results that not only last longer, but they hold their shape and symmetry much better than sutured eyelid surgery. If, however, you are more comfortable with a less invasive procedure and you don’t mind coming back in to see your surgeon now and then for an adjustment over the years then the suture process is for you. blefaroplastia medellin

Another consideration that must be taken into account is the doctor you have chosen. Some surgeons are more comfortable with one process or the other and that is simply because they feel they can do a better job with one technique or the other. Be sure to listen to your surgeon and allow them to explain why they value one technique over another.

Whether you decide to go for the more permanent incision eyelid surgery or if you want to go for the reversible sutured blepharoplasty, be sure to choose a surgeon that does a good job with that particular process. Although this kind of procedure has become increasingly over the decades, you should carefully choose the kind of blepharoplasty you want in order to achieve the best result you can get.

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